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PT INDO PARNA ( indopar@ )
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Protek Style # 649-Fire Station Monitor
Industrial Monitor - Protek
Style # 649

Features :
1. Flow turning vanes in each elbow to reduce friction
2. Powder coating gives a tiugh corrosion resistant finish
3. Positive friction locks with bronze knop on both horizontal and vertical
4. Stainless steel lever
5. Major components made from bronze alloy ( UNS C83600, ASTM B62)
for a long in serving life
6. Able to be supplied with flange options :
ANSI, ASA, DIN, or ISO. Special alloy flanges are available
7. A double row of stainless steel ball bearing in monitor joints
ensure easy movement even when monitor is under pressure
8. A comprehensive range of water and self educating foam master stream
nozzle available to fit for any application
Style# 649 Monitor
- Corrosion resistant bronze construction ideal for marine, offshore, industrial
or other corrosive enviroment
- Full 3 " waterway
- Cast-in turning vanes for efficient flow
- Flow Up to 1, 250 GPM ( 4, 800 LPM)
- 360 gegrees horizontal and 150 degrees vertical travel 90 degree
above to 60 degree below horizontal
- Positive friction locks on both horizontal and vertical travel
hold the desired position
- Stainless steel lever
- Operating pressure of 200 PSI ( 14 bar)

Style : 649
Height : 17 "
Width : 14 "
Inlet : 3 " or 4 " FL
Outlet : 2.5 "
Weight : 46 lbs
Flow : 1.250 GPM
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